Authentic leadership with a heart for service

Doreen Garlid takes a pragmatic approach to leadership that operates from a place of shared values and common goals. Here are Doreen’s current thoughts on some of Tempe’s most pressing issues:

Giving neighborhoods a voice:

As the current Chair of Tempe’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission, I’m on the front lines of the successes and challenges we face in Tempe’s neighborhoods every day. Each neighborhood is so unique and diverse. From the historic districts like Maple Ash or University Park to the low-density agricultural areas like Buena Vista Ranchos or Tally Ho Farms, each neighborhood reflects its residents in a way that is unique to that part of Tempe. Our greatest potential lies in empowering the people in Tempe’s neighborhoods to speak up for their community and partnering with our city’s leaders to act on their recommendations. After all, who knows the community better than the people who live in our neighborhoods?  We also need to recognize and support our local schools as community hubs where neighbors come together with our next generation of leaders, including the children, their families and teachers.  

Serving our city’s most vulnerable residents:

I have a heart for service and helping those in need. I have served people in impoverished areas all over the world in need of medical attention, and recognize we have significant needs right here in Tempe. Recent statistics show Tempe’s poverty and homelessness rising at alarming rates. I support the innovative and ongoing efforts to support those experiencing homelessness in our community and to address the systemic issues cause homelessness in Tempe.  Some of the solutions that are working include the I-HELP program, Tempe Works, and the Housing First model. I’m committed to strengthening these programs and working with regional and city leaders to address the needs of our city’s most vulnerable residents.

Honoring and supporting our city’s veterans and military families:

I have a very special place in my heart for veterans and military families. I grew up in a military family with my father serving in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, my brother serving in the U.S. Army for 23 years, my great uncle serving as a Navajo Code Talker in the U.S. Marines, and my nephew set to be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in 2021.  Thanks to the visionary leaders before us, Tempe has made veterans’ services a priority and I want to continue that commitment by supporting the many ways we honor and care for those who’ve served our country. I want to join forces with other veterans’ advocates on our council and maintain a strong network of support services for our veterans and their families.

A welcoming city for all:

Tempe is known for leading the way in breaking down barriers and celebrating its diversity. I consider myself a pro-equality candidate; I firmly believe that Tempe must be a welcoming place for people of all ethnic backgrounds, abilities, religions, genders and sexual orientations, and I support our city’s nondiscrimination ordinance and ongoing equality efforts. It is simply the right thing to do and Tempe should continue to lead the way and set the example, even when others wish to challenge our nondiscrimination protections.

Check back soon for more on Doreen’s vision for 2020!